Android 11 Spotted running on Google Pixel 4

The 2020 Android 11 is going to be the new android version. This version will allow the users to create video over 4GB in size. I will be a good feature for the users who shoot 4k videos at 60fps for a long duration of time. Also, Google could or couldn't bring back call recording APIs that’ll allow third-party apps to work again.

Also, there is a provision regarding the new Android that will let users store ID’s such as a driver’s license digitally on the device. It is supplemented with a ‘low power’ mode that will power the device long enough for the stored identification to be presented.  Apart from this information there was no known or spotted device over the internet, running Android 11, until yet.

Recently in a Geekbench listing, a Google Pixel 4 device has been spotted and the special thing was that, in that listing, the Operating System has been mentioned as Android R. Now Google has officially discontinued the use of alphabets in the nomenclature of the android versions but it seems like for the development stage, the company is still using that naming scheme. Hence, it is Android 11 which is being listed in this Geekbenhc listing.